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Counterforce Parenting Helpline

The Parenting Guidance You Need is a Phone Call Away
Holding Hands

Parents receive expert guidance, tailor made to their needs. A frum licensed mental health professional responds to calls for assistance, in a 45 minute private phone session. The goal is to empower parents and provide them with the tools to problem solve and to make

strategic & effective decisions in helping their children achieve success.


Under the Leadership of Susan Lamm, LCSW and Sterna Lerman, LCSW, Licensed Social
Workers with over 25 years of experience in administering the Family Therapy Program and
Parenting Program as well as supervising therapists and school social workers.

A trailblazing initiative to meet the needs of today's yeshiva parents
Therapy Sessions
Confidential Phone Session
Minimal Fee
Addressing all ages
Children Playing Outdoor

About Us:

The Counterforce Program is an affiliate of Torah Umesorah (National Society for Hebrew Day Schools).


The mission of the program is to meet the mental health and education needs of children and families.


We have helped more than 5,500 individuals annually since our inception, with tens of thousands of families benefiting from our services and programs.

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